Juice Plus+ Perform

Plant-powered nutrition. Tailored for performance.

More than just a protein shake! Developed to support an active lifestyle, this shake provides protein to build your muscles, B vitamins to support mental performance and energy production, beetroot and tart cherry to aid recovery and vitamin D to support bone health.

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Juice Plus+ Omega blend capsules
  • Muscle growth
  • Aids recovery
  • Energy production
  • Mental performance

More Than Just A Protein Shake 

Juice Plus+ Perform is a performance shake that works as hard as you do. This shake has a big PLUS: it supports multiple aspects of fitness performance, with additional ingredients, that other protein shakes simply don’t have. 

This shake provides a high amount (25g) of soy protein per serving for muscle growth, B vitamins for mental performance and energy production, beetroot and tart cherry to aid recovery, and vitamin D to support bone health.

25g plant-based soy protein per serving for muscle growth.

This shake delivers 50% of the daily value of protein in just one shake. Soy protein is the only source of vegan protein that gives you the same muscle-building benefits as animal proteins. Soy protein achieves the best score according to PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Amino Acid Score) by providing all 9 essential amino acids and high digestibility, making soy protein the best plant-based protein to support muscle growth.

Functional ingredients for better recovery.

Juice Plus+ Perform contains beetroot and tart cherry for recovery and repair — two exceptional functional ingredients you won’t find in most protein shakes — so you can get back in the game sooner.

Naturally occurring vitamins for mental performance, physical energy plus bone support.

We source our ingredients from real food, which means no harmful or artificial ingredients go into your body. B vitamins are delivered through a complex blend of guava, mango and lemon to support energy metabolism and mental focus, along with Vitamin D, occurring in mushroom powder, to support bone health.

Made with these key ingredients:

Soy protein, mango, guava, lemon, mushroom powder, acerola cherry, beetroot and tart cherry.

  • 25g high-quality plant-based soy protein per serving
  • Naturally occurring B vitamins from guava, mango and lemon
  • Naturally occurring vitamin C from acerola cherry
  • Naturally occurring vitamin D from mushroom powder
  • Beetroot and tart cherry to aid muscle recovery
  • Only 6g of sugar per serving from naturally sourced sugars
  • Only 15O calories per serving

Product Overview 

  • Vegan/Dairy-free 
  • Plant-based protein
  • Whole food based ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • Made without GMO ingredients
  • Certified for quality and safety by NSF 


Enjoy Juice Plus+ Perform 1 hour before or up to 2 hours after your workout for maximum benefits!

Juice Plus+ Perform tastes good on its own, but feel free to blend it with fresh fruit and vegetables or your favorite plant-based milk. 

Fueling your body for performance couldn't be easier:
Step 1: Place two scoops (40g) in a shaker bottle
Step 2: Add 10oz of cold water
Step 3: Shake it like you mean it
Step 4: Enjoy!